I just bought a new plan. What do I need to know
about my new coverage?

Registration (optional)

You don’t need to register for your plan to be active or to file a claim.

Steps to Register:
1) Wait a few days if you just bought your plan.
2) Click here or go to intelisur.com/register. We’ll start by finding your plan.
3) Have your receipt on hand in case you need to upload it.

*We need to wait up to 5 days for the retailer to provide necessary information to complete registration.

Learn About Your Coverage

What does my plan cover and when does my coverage start?
If the protected item is damaged and Intelisur determines it can be repaired, 100% of the cost of parts and labor is covered. If your item can’t be repaired, Intelisur will contact you to discuss replacement options.

Standard Plans:
Coverage for normal mechanical/electrical failures begins after the manufacturer warranty expires.  Does not cover accidental damage.

Premium “Accidental Damage” Plans:

  • Coverage for normal mechanical/electrical failures begins after the manufacturer warranty expires.
  • Accidental damage is covered from day one.

What’s the difference between the manufacturer’s warranty and Intelisur coverage?
Most new items come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects due to parts or workmanship for the first year. If there’s an issue with your item that is normally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty during that time, we’ll refer you to the manufacturer so they can resolve it.

Intelisur covers you above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period to ensure there aren’t ever gaps in coverage and your item stays protected even after the manufacturer’s warranty period ends.

How much am I covered?
You are covered for up to the amount you paid for your item. If you purchase a Protection Plan that was intended for a lower-value item, your coverage is limited to the price threshold of the Protection Plan you purchased.

How long am I covered?
Depending on the plan you bought, you are covered for a specific amount of years after the start date. Please see your protection plan contract for specific details and start date.

In the future, how do I file a claim?
If you ever need to file a claim in the future, our online process is fastest and easiest. Please visit Intelisur.com/claim