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Protect any TV.

TV Protection Plans

Your tv is innocent, keep it safe.

The two biggest fears your tv has is children throwing toys through the house or angry rage quits after you die on Call of Duty. If you’ve been in this situation you can absolutely relate, getting caught up in the moment can suffer serious consequences. Feel confident in your intense game playing or with how wild you kids can be. Provide protection to your technology and keep on living.

Protect Your Phone!

Smartphone Protection

  • Protect any phone, any carrier, old or new
  • Covers accidents like drops & spills
  • Deductibles as low as $30
  • Continuous coverage follows when you upgrade phones.
Protect your laptop!

Laptop Protection

Everyone snacks while they work, be ready for the big spill. 

With Intelisur, your laptop is covered for all of life’s accidents, plus mechanical and electrical failures from normal use. If you need to file a claim, we cover 100% parts and labor as well as shipping to and from our repair centers—and we’ll repair your laptop within 5 days of receiving it.. (Plan doesn’t cover intentional damage, loss, or theft.)

Protect Your Ipad!

Tablet Protection

So light weight, yet drops are still deadly.

Technology is durable, however we occassionally forget damage can still occur. Ipad and tablet cases can be faulty, get worn down over time, or don’t protect like they should, causing your products to have the chance of sliding out of their cases and flying across the room right in front of your eyes. Believe us, we’ve seen it. Care for your technology, get it covered with a protection plan.

Don't wait for the worst.

Protect it now!

I'd highly recommend Intelisur!

Intelisur is great! I had never thought of extra protection for my TV until I came across their website! It’s very easy to file a claim! I had the backlight fixed in no time.

Susan Wright

Production Manager

You've made me happy!

I want to express how grateful I am for getting my
husbands drill fixed. He uses his drill for work and
it’s his favorite. We wouldn’t have had the resources
to fix it ourselves.


Rebekah Smith

School Teacher

When your electronics break, it's our job to make you good again.

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